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Treat A Sick Child To The Healing Power Of Play This Halloween Season

Before the pandemic hit, children undergoing cancer treatments would spend an average of 120 days in the hospital. Because of COVID-19 and the weakened immune systems that come with a cancer diagnosis, these kids are experiencing hospital stays and isolation for much longer than ever before. Because of social distancing guidelines, the traditional Halloween celebration of trick-or-treating is not safe for children fighting life threatening diseases. Thankfully, a local nonprofit foundation held near and dear to the hearts of everyone here at Brookside Real Estate Company is doing something about this.

Bags of Fun KC delivers the healing power of play to children fighting cancer and other long term, life threatening illnesses. Director, Louisa Weinrich explained, “A bag of fun is a backpack filled to the brim with 12-15 items picked specifically for each child’s needs, interests and treatment plan. Each bag of fun is filled with hours of distraction, educational items, as well as items that encourage socialization and items that bring comfort. Not only do bags of fun give the children something to focus on during their treatments, but they also give the families of these children the sense that someone else cares.”

Because of the pandemic and so many restrictions for celebrating Halloween, there are 125 additional children that will need a Bag of Fun. As such, we at Brookside Real Estate are continuing to raise awareness to ensure that every child in Kansas City fighting cancer receives a Bag of Fun this Halloween season. 

Brookside Real Estate has proudly been a local partner of Bags of Fun KC since their inception in 2011 and have had the pleasure of providing over 200 bags of fun to sick Kansas City children and their families. “All of us here are extremely passionate about helping bring a smile to the faces of these KC children who are being treated for long term, life threatening illnesses,” said Brookside Real Estate Owner and Broker, Jim Kraus, “The opportunity for Brookside Real Estate Company to partner with this organization means a lot to all of us, we enjoy the opportunity to help spread the word and we encourage Kansas City to treat a sick child to the healing power of play this Halloween season.” 

If you would like to find out how you can help Bags of Fun KC or sponsor a bag of fun for a child, you can do so by going to their website: