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To Rent or Buy? Happy Hour Experts Reveals Tips

Buying your first home can be incredibly intimidating. When’s the best time to buy a house? Are you even ready and have you saved up enough money? How do you know you picked the right real estate agent? There are so many things to consider when purchasing your dream home – but where to turn? Recently an enthusiastic group of would-be future homeowners had those questions and more answered at Brookside Real Estate’s Home Buyer Happy Hour on the Patio!

The third event in an ongoing monthly series, Brookside Real Estate’s recent Home Buyer Happy Hour was again a great success! Brookside’s own Ellen Zetmeir gave an excellent presentation on the process of becoming a first-time home buyer. She kept the presentation fun and entertaining, and, as a professional Realtor was wonderful at demystifying the many steps of the often complex home buying process.

Ellen explained how obtaining your pre-approval letter is one of the best first steps in the home-buying process. Said Ellen, “A pre-approval letter will provide you with a better understanding of what the lender will give you versus what you can realistically afford to spend on your home.”

One of Ellen’s key recommendations was to find the right real estate agent for you. Ellen explained that. “you want someone who is tech savvy, someone who you can build a personal relationship with, and, most importantly, someone who you can be open and honest with!” Ellen continued, “As your personal agent, we are here for you no matter what the situation is – from morning to late at night, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you.”

In addition to Ellen, Joe Grego, Vice President of Mortgage Banking from OakStar Bank, also spoke at the Home Buyer Happy Hour. Joe discussed the advantages of buying a home versus renting a home.

According to Joe, “Because renting is becoming increasingly expensive – and the fact that you never see a return on your rental investment – buying a home is often a financially smarter and cheaper option to renting.”

Joe continued, “Another benefit to buying a house is seeing appreciation – an increase in the value of your home over time – which everyone loves!” In closing, Joe pointed out one of the more intangible but also one of the best reasons to buy a house, said Joe, “Being able to call a house your home and building lasting memories with friends and family is a truly most invaluable advantage of buying!”

Interested in purchasing a home for the first time yourself? Brookside Real Estate would love to walk you through the process and to help you down the path to finding your own dream home! Call us at 816-333-3330 or visit us at 9 West 63rd St. If you missed the Brookside Real Estate’s August Home Buyer Happy Hour, don’t worry, we are planning another session soon. Stay tuned for details! In the meantime, take a look at the photos below from the most recent event!

Photo gallery from Home Buyer Happy Hour