Brookside Real Estate Neighborhood


A special community, one that is rich in history and neighborhood charm. Within walking distance of its homes, Brookside uniquely offers an eclectic “old school” shopping area with more than 70 stores. These Brookside shops feature a collection of imaginative local boutiques, specialty service providers, grocers, and a diverse variety of restaurant and entertainment options. From intimate wine nooks and breakfast bistros, to award-winning fine dining, and live music options, Brookside invites you to its colorful nightlife. The Brookside community in Kansas City is a great place to consider when looking to find the house that you’ll one day call “home.”

Brookside is also home to many community activities. The Brookside Art Annual hosts numerous creative artists, to showcase and sell their unique artwork. Brookside’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been a huge hit for over 35 years, and the Brookside Farmers’ Market boasts the only all-organic farmers’ market in Kansas City! Brookside is truly a family-friendly neighborhood with a little bit of something for everyone!

Brookside Real Estate Community Activities

Armour Hills

A popular subdivision located in the heart of Brookside. Home to a variety of beautiful, uniquely designed bungalow and Tudor style homes, Armour Hills offers a scenic neighborhood landscape. No two homes will look just alike in this diverse area.

Developed and created by Kansas City’s famed J.C. Nichols, Armour Hills was intentionally designed to provide a unique mix of homes. Upon designing Armour Hills, Nichols specifically stipulated that the homes should be unique, single-family homes. That same vision of Nichols holds strong today, making Amour Hills one of Kansas City’s beloved subdivisions for families.

Brookside Real Estate Suburban Neighborhoods


A growing and dynamic neighborhood, with a thriving business district, located in the heart of Kansas City. From its humble beginning as the farm land of Dr. David Waldo, from whom Waldo received its name, the Waldo community has developed into the bustling, fun, family-friendly neighborhood it is today.

Waldo is chock-full of neighborhood attractions, such as the Harry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail. It is also home to a wide array of dining establishments, religious institutions, and local business. It’s no wonder Waldo has become a desirable and much loved neighborhood to call home within Kansas City.

Brookside Real Estate Neighborhood Attractions

Ward Parkway

Ward Parkway is more than a major road running through Kansas City. Ward Parkway is the bridge of area that connects the outer lying Waldo and Brookside communities to the edge of Kansas City. Ward Parkway Corridor is a collection of homes deeply rooted in Kansas City’s rich history, with a large variety of Four Squares, Dutch Colonials, Dible Tudors, Arts and Crafts Bungalows and Shirtwaists, dating all the way back to the 1800s.

Ward Parkway Corridor, or more formally referred to by locals as Ward Parkway Homes Association, is a neighborhood known for its well-manicured, tree-lined streets full of unique and charming homes. There is an air of opulence within Ward Parkway Corridor that provides a nostalgic nod to the history of this unique and beautifully designed neighborhood, making it a truly special area to reside.

Brookside Real Estate Homes Association


Originally marketed as a “garden home” district, is a beautifully landscaped neighborhood designed to embody the natural beauty of Kansas City. Designed back in 1919, Crestwood broke away from the traditional grid pattern of neighborhood development and molded its design around the natural contours and topography of the tree-lined, curvy road landscape.

With its unique design layout, Crestwood offers a variety of parklets with statuary or decorative touches found at various interesting roads within the Crestwood neighborhood. Many of the homes built in Crestwood were fashioned in the Colonial Revival or Tudor Revival styles, making Crestwood the perfect neighborhood for younger couples looking for a smaller bungalow, as well as accommodating a family unit with larger scale homes.