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Kansas City’s Coffee Shop Guide

With the weather starting to get colder, who doesn’t love a warm cup of coffee?

This is your guide to the best places to go to get a cup of coffee whether its before work in the morning or on your daily walk. Each of these coffee shops offer something different and are all unique in their own way. 


The Wild Way Coffee

708 E. 19th St.,

The Wild Way Coffee is a coffee camper that travels around KC. They describe themselves as, “The Wild Way Coffee is inspired by off-kilter creativity and the desire to take the road less traveled.” They serve Kansas City in the spring, summer and fall outdoors and the winter indoors in a winter warehouse. They always post on their sites where they will be that weekend so if you’re interested in checking them out here is where you can find them. 

You can even order their lattes in a half gallon so there will be no need to leave the house on that extra chilly day. Enjoy their iced wild way latte or iced chai tea latte from the comfort of your own home.

Oddly Correct

4141 Troost Ave(816) 897-0237

Oddly Correct is a small coffee shop located on Troost that, “aim’s to freak out your morning cup”. They are open Monday- Friday from 7am-5pm and Saturday/Sunday 8am-3pm. They offer coffee at home in 12oz or 5lb bags. 

Their menu consists of coffee, biscuits, donuts, mugs and other merchandise. You can expect to receive your coffee in a mason jar with a koozy which only adds to the uniqueness of this coffee shop. According to reviews, their vanilla bourbon latte is a must have!

Filling Station Coffee

2980 McGee Tfwy(816) 931-4335

Filling Station Coffee has 3 locations, Midtown, Westport and Overland Park. All 3 are unique in their own way. Filling station prides themselves on, “presenting quality and originality”. They like to change up the menu here and there while always sticking to some house favorites. They are partnered with Messenger Coffee and are, “highly focused on delivering a stellar coffee experience”. 

They offer drip coffee, cappuccino, latte, Gibraltar, tea, juices and some brunch and lunch items. If you’re in a hurry that day they offer ordering online so it is ready when you arrive. 

The Roasterie Coffee Company

6223 Brookside Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64113(816) 333-9700

Since 1993 The Roasterie has been in Kansas City, “Our core purpose has been to source the finest coffees we can find in the world, roast them the best way possible, and deliver to our customers as fast as humanly possible- all while facilitating extraordinary coffee experiences along the way.” There are multiple locations throughout the KC Metro offering coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries and breakfast and lunch food. 

At The Roasterie you can take a tour of their factory and watch as the coffee is roasted, blended and packaged. You can witness their craft cold brew process as it goes from brewing to canning. The baristas are there to chat with you and answer all your questions while making your drink. The Roasterie is one of those coffee shops you cannot forget about.