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Brookside’s Amazing Container Home!

Brookside Container House

When was the last time you really thought “outside the box” when it came to home design? Well that’s exactly what Debbie Glassberg did when she designed her dream home – and her outside the box thinking brought her inside the box! If you’ve never heard of shipping container houses, then toss out any preconceived ideas you may have and hold on tight. Not only are shipping container homes all the rage right now, this particular container home is truly a piece of art.

Debbie Glassberg, a professional toy designer for Disney, found that when a shipping container serves as the building block for a home the possibilities are endless. Debbie teamed up with Kansas City’s BNIM Architecture to design her amazing dream home. Part of that dream was to design a home that leaves less of a footprint – a not so easy task for a 2600 square foot home. Debbie and BNIM met that goal with an endless list of eco-friendly details, including an HVAC system that is geothermal (it uses the earth to actually help heat and cool the home!); energy efficient electric appliances, all LED lighting, thermal windows, low flow toilets – and the list goes on!

The home was thoughtfully built with each individual piece having specific intent and purpose. Most storage areas are built right in to the home –from bookshelves and dressers, to hidden storage cabinets, no space is wasted. And the sustainability concept carries beyond the

walls of the house, in fact, even the landscaping is edible. With fruit trees, herbs and veggies, it’s only a short walk outside to pick your next meal! The roof space is not wasted either, boasting rooftop gardens and patios. This efficient little ecosystem even supports a beehive – high above the front yard!

Thought to be Kansas City’s first ever container house, this amazing beauty of a home is no bland container. With striking curb appeal and no-detail-is-too-small interior touches, this one of a kind original is located in the heart Brookside – of one of Kansas City’s most desirable neighborhoods!

While Brookside offers a wide variety of home styles, this masterpiece of design-meets-function certainly is one of the most unique.  In 2015, labeled the house as “Maybe the Country’s Prettiest Shipping Container Home.”

Enjoy the photos below, and if you fall in love with the home as much as we did (or maybe you’d like to see what a kiwi plant in an edible yard looks like!), stop by Brookside Real Estate’s offices on 9 W 63rd St., and for more detailed home information, visit the home’s listing page here.

*Photos Courtesy of bnim