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Brookside Real Estate Donates to Bags of Fun KC

Owner/Broker of Brookside Real Estate, Jim Kraus and Director of Bags of Fun KC, Louisa Weinrich

During the month of September 2020, Brookside Real Estate announced a partnership with Bags of Fun KC for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. For every house sold during the month of September, Brookside Real Estate donated $100 to Bags of Fun KC to raise funds for children who are suffering from cancer or other life-threatening injuries.

Owner/Broker of Brookside Real Estate Company, Jim Kraus, recently met with the Director of Bags of Fun KC, Louisa Weinrich, to present a check from Brookside Real Estate Company that ultimately ended up sponsoring a Bag of Fun for Hayden – currently a patient at Children’s Mercy. Louisa said, “Hayden is five years old and inpatient at Children’s Mercy Hospital after suffering a traumatic brain injury. He had to have brain surgery to allow his brain to heal. He goes through intense physical therapy and occupational therapy as well as other therapies during the week.”

Hayden’s siblings were even able to come to the hospital when the Bag of Fun was delivered to spend some time with him.  Hayden’s Mom, Jackie, told us, “Getting this bag of fun with everyone here was amazing! It really helped to distract us and to focus on something other than Hayden‘s injury! It gave us all time to act as a family unit again!”

Each Bag of Fun comes with 12 to 15 items inside that are picked specifically for each child based on their developmental age, interests, and treatment plan. Hayden‘s bag had a Kindle fire as his electronic!

Ready to make a difference in the lives of KC children fighting life threatening illnesses, diseases & injuries? Follow Bags of Fun KC on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or visit the website to make a direct donation.

Bags of Fun KC delivers the power of play to children fighting cancer and other long term, life threatening illnesses or injuries. Each bag of fun is filled with hours of distraction, educational items, as well as items that bring comfort. Not only do bags of fun give the children something to focus on during their treatments, but they also give the families of these children the sense that someone else cares.