What makes someone change careers late in life?  I have had good personal real estate experiences in my life and I know I will be good at it.

A real estate agent serves a valuable role during the process. Whether you are looking for a property to call home, if you are relocating from out of state or looking at the local market as an investment, be it a rehab, fix and flip or short term rental property. All eyes are on the Kansas City metropolitan area. We have space, inventory and a winning spirit that is contagious thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

I have spent a majority of my working life in sales and for the last 20 years worked for myself.  People buy from people and for the most part we do not want to be SOLD TO.

A “Concierge” approach to real estate is my plan.

I intend to provide a high level of customer service and most of all FOLLOW UP. 

I know the difference between being a nag and keeping a client informed.  

I plan to have fun while becoming a successful agent with a successful recognizable local agency. These are my real estate super powers: An impressive Rolodex,

Being the source of the source. Being a good listener. Possessing positive life and work habits. 

It needs to be repeated: I am a relationship builder

In real estate you must be a good negotiator !

I have lived in the area for almost 30 years and see the potential it contains.