Bringing Great Neighbors to a Great Neighborhood – since 1986.

Brookside Real Estate About UsAt Brookside Real Estate, we take pride in our service and will work diligently to exceed your expectations when searching for your ideal home. We attribute our 30 years of serving Brookside and surrounding neighborhoods, to our ability to consistently provide home buyers and sellers with the dependability, honesty and high level of customer service that is not often found in Real Estate today.

When it comes to understanding and really “knowing” these storied neighborhoods, no team is more knowledgeable about the texture of each community, block, street – and even specific houses – than the agents of Brookside Real Estate. We have the “shoes on pavement” experience and individual know-how to help find your best house for your best price – and we pride ourselves in guiding you through the home buying or selling process in a style like no other.

Integrity can, unfortunately, be bit lacking in the Real Estate business. But for Brookside Real Estate, integrity is a way of life. It’s an earned and prized professional trademark for our team of Realtors – and an implied promise that we go above and beyond the ordinary to help you through the home buying or selling process, using our experience to enhance your experience – from day one, to closing.

Our dedicated agents regularly assist clients in finding the best and most reliable lenders. We always take the time to explain inspection reports and other documents in a manner that you’ll fully understand. And when assisting a home buyer in their seach we help them thoroughly consider such criteria as potential resale value, purchase price, mechanical state of the property, and many, many other property attributes. Being thorough may lengthen the transaction process a bit or cause a buyer to move on to a new property altogether. But, finding a buyer the right property is more important to us than a hasty closing. Rest assured, we’ll always provide an honest and informed professional opinion on whether a prospective property is a solid investment now and well into the future.

Why do we take all of this so seriously? For one, because we live here too.  We believe it’s our responsibility to do the right thing in the near term because we intend to be around here well into the long term.