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Get Your Home Ready for Spring

It’s really starting to feel like spring here in Kansas City. The temperatures are looking like they are going to stay above 50 degrees which means it’s time to get our homes prepared for the spring. Take a look at the list we have compiled for you and your families to get your home ready!


Step One: Clean out your gutters- this is so important because when it rains the water will be directed away from your home, not straight into the basement causing floods or foundation problems.

Step two: Clean up your yard- this is mostly for yourself, so it’s easier to mow and will keep your exterior looking great!

Step three: De-clutter your house- this will all in all make you feel better when you walk into your home.

Step four: Replace old filters- check and replace the refrigerator water filter, range hood filter, and charcoal filter on the bottom of the microwave.

Step five: Check the smoke alarms- safety always first!