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Brookside Real Estate Partners With GiveSafeWater!

We know what a monumental moment it is to buy or sell your home. This summer, when you buy or sell a home with Brookside Real Estate, your life-changing decision will not only affect you, but also will also help provide clean drinking water to those in underprivileged countries.

GiveSafeWater is an organization that was established in 2013 to provide safe water to those without access to clean water. When founders Chris Chaney and Kermit Fendler, local businessmen visited El Salvador as part of a mission trip in 2013, they learned there are many underprivileged communities that have water available to them, but the water is not clean. As a result, the families drink, cook and clean with water that causes sickness, disease and even death. Seeing this, Chris and Kerm felt compelled to help. In talking with each other and organizations serving these communities, the plan for GiveSafeWater was formed.

donation of $60 covers the cost of the water filter, tubing, hardware, and two five-gallon plastic food-grade buckets.

To promote this partnership with GiveSafeWater, Brookside Real Estate is promoting the donation program not only on the website and in social media, but also in the billboard located on the corner of Wornall Rd and Gregory Blvd.

Ready to buy or sell your home and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate? Give the experts at Brookside Real Estate Company a call at (816) 333-3330 or stop by our storefront office at 9 W 63rd St – when the flag is up, we’re open!

To learn more about GiveSafeWater and the great work they do, visit their website here.