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Brookside Community Comes Together

Brookside Community Comes Together While Maintaining Social Distance

Even though times have been uncertain for everyone here in the Brookside/Waldo communities there is still a lot of good to be found when taking the time slow down and take a look around. In the words of, Ellen Zetmeir, with Brookside Real Estate,

“I have really been challenging myself, my friends, and my clients to observe the good that is happening right now and the closeness of the community through all of this. I am truly blessed to live in Brookside. The community coming together in this time just reminds me of all of the reasons that I was excited to move into this neighborhood in the first place. “

For example, some kind individuals are offering their help by sewing masks either for free or simply for donation; other neighbors are purchasing and delivering groceries to elderly friends who are stuck at home. A couple of kind hearts are volunteering simple joys like free flowers and other plants from their own gardens in the hopes of brightening people’s days. The Brookside community is more close-knit than ever thanks to thoughtfulness. chalk hopscotch

It is evident that the community’s creativity is alive and well. Many families are taking the time to create sidewalk chalk art – these bright and colorful creations include fun hopscotch games and meaningful messages of encouragement!

Brookside’s creativity has also forged a way for the community to still share music; sit out on your front porch some evening and you may well hear “Front Porch Concerts” drifting through the streets. From cellos and violins to pianos and flutes, neighbors are serenading the community from their very own homes. If you’re lucky, you might even witness ukulele concerts or some pretty phenomenal bagpipe playing!

Following proper social distancing and precautions of course, Ellen recommends getting out and breathing some fresh air.  Take note of the fluffy dogs delighted to have their humans home; watch for the kids on bikes or playing in their backyards.

See if you can discover which neighbor has a pet tortoise! Admire the sweet signs of spring like bright tulips! Wave to your neighbors! Remember, there is plenty of joy to go around! Take a stroll around your lovely Brookside community and you might just be surprised at what you find.

Ellen knows all about buying and selling homes, but she also has all the key insights into the Brookside community! Contact Ellen today for any questions about your home or any tips on becoming more involved in your Brookside neighborhood.

And please, feel free to share your own messages of encouragement with Ellen! Brookside Real Estate is delighted to have you as part of our beautiful Brookside bunch!


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I’ve Got a Guy Episode 5: Understanding Mortgage Forbearance

UPDATE: After we shared this video on social media, we were thrilled to learn that the Wall Street Journal had reached out to Andy Nolte to interview him on the topic of mortgage forbearance. Click here to read the full article.

Attention All Homeowners!

There is a lot of misinformation going around right now concerning mortgage options, so Ellen has brought in her mortgage guy Andy Nolte from Movement Mortgage to share some insight!

In this “I’ve Got a Guy” episode, Andy gives us some inside perspective into what “Mortgage Forbearance” really means and how you the homeowner should go about making the right choice for you during the COVID-19 crisis.

Promising mortgage options about postponing payments are not all they seem to be. Keep in mind the future consequences of rash actions and check out this online video for Andrew’s tips!

Andy’s main takeaways on mortgage forbearance is this:

  1. If you have your job, make your payment!
  2. If you lost your job and still have money in the bank, make your payment!
  3. If you lost your job and cannot make your payment, only then ask about your forbearance options but do your research! Be sure to review the agreement terms cautiously! This option is your last resort so please contact Andrew for more information or further questions.

Give loan officer Andy Nolte a call today at (816) 309 – 8175 or email him at

For all homeowners and potential homeowners, Ellen has the answers for your real estate questions. She is taking special precautions during these unusual times to ensure your safety while still helping you reach your homeowning goals. From inside contacts like her “I’ve Got a Guy” Series to her wealth of personal knowledge and experience, Ellen is prepared to guide you in the best decisions for you. Contact Ellen today for any and all questions you might have about your real estate situation!